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Anti-counterfeiting (Product protection):
Encode a security sign in your product using our special phosphors and have customers and other stakeholders decode its authenticity by a simple flash of a mobile phone. Many manufacturing industries (pharmaceuticals, textiles and apparel, cosmetics), government agencies and educational institutions are grappling with the global increase in fake products and documents. International chamber of commerce estimate that by 2022 the value of counterfeit and pirated goods will exceed $1.9 trillion globally and will put about 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk. The records from organisation for economic cooperation and development indicate that counterfeit products represent about 6.8 % of EU imports. For this reason, the compound annual growth rate for anti-counterfeit packaging market is projected to increase at 12 % to $ 188 billion globally by 2025 according to research and markets. Most anti-counterfeiting technologies applied to trace products during supply chain are expensive and in most cases can not be used by the end user. The technologies that use  phosphors (security ink), rely on the fluorescent materials but more advanced ones use phospohors with afterglow properties. The lifetime of the emited afterglow light adds another security layer. The problem is that most of the afterglow phosphors require ultraviolet light (not safe) for excitation and also contain rare-earth materials. We offer our special sustainable organic afterglow phosphors for product protection that can be excited by flashlight from a mobile phone. Since the volume of online purchase has increased from the start of COVID-19, the possibility of the end user to easily authenticate the purchased products has become very important. LehMoSense offers this possibility at low cost.