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 Rare-earth free Phosphors for 
LED Lighting 


red phosphor illuminated from above.png

LehMo-Light 02

Rare-earth free red emitting phosphor

illuminated by blue light

LehMo-Light 01

Yellow phosphor with prototype image.png

Here, we  introduce our LehMo-Light 01 yellow phosphor. This product is suitable for converting blue LED to white LED for general illumination purposes. Image (a) is the phosphor in ambient light and (c) is the same phosphor in a dark room when illuminated by blue LED. The application example (as prototype) is shown in image (b and d). Image (b) is a blue LED coated with LehMo-Light 01 phosphor. The image (photo) was taken in ambient light when the LED is switched off. Image (d) is the same prototype in a dark room with LED switched on. The flower in image (b) and (d) is meant to show the colour rendering of the prototype in comparison with ambient day light.


 Of importance is that this phosphor does not contain rare-earth elements that are used in all other commercial LED phosphors. Our phosohors therefore saves the environment and reduces the supply risks at even lower cost. Contact us for more information.

LehMo-Light 02

red emitting phosphor images.png

The gold standard  yellow emitting Cerium doped, Yttrium Aluminium Garnet, abbreviated as YAG:Ce that is used in most commercial white LED, do not contain enough red component in its light spectrum. This results in it producing bluish white light also known as cold white light that is not suitable for residential lighting. Other red emitting rare-earth phosphors are added in order to produce the more comfortable warm white light. This increases the demand for rare-earth elements which inevitably raises the cost of producing white LEDs.

To solve this problem, we offer our rare-earth free LehMo-Light 02 phosphor which emits enough red light needed to form more comfortable warm white light. Image (a) to the left shows LehMo-Light 02 phosphor in ambient light while (b) is the same phosphor illuminated by blue laser pointer in a dark room.

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