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Mobile phone glucose sensor:


Most of us, understandably, are scared of a needle prick. Unfortunately, the diabetes patients till now have very little escape! Most of them have to prick their fingers about 5-10 times per day in the process of monitoring their blood glucose levels.


LehMoSense seeks to provide a solution in this case.  With slight chemical modifications, the phosphors produced by LehMoSense are applied as a sensor on a mobile phone platform for non-invasive monitoring of blood glucose levels using saliva samples. This will greatly benefit diabetes patients who are struggling with finger pricking method.


According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF diabetes atlas 2021), the estimated prevalence of diabetes has increased to about 537 million and will jump to 783 million (about 10.9% of global population) by 2045.


The value of LehMoSense in this regard is to provide patient compliance method of monitoring blood glucose as a contribution to e-health management technologies. 

Development of the this pofolio is queued.

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