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Our yellow afterglow phosphors illuminated by visible light for application in anti counterfeiting

LehMoSense GmbH seeks to provide solutions to the emerging issues in the lighting,  anti-counterfeiting and e-health sectors. 


glucose sensor to monitor diabetes

No finger prick! No pain! No expensive device! The glucose sensor makes use of non-invasively obtained samples with optical detection using  special phosphors and mobile phone App. Read more.

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Anti-counterfeiting solution to reduce fake products

No consumer worries! No expensive device! No cloud data management! 

A mobile phone App detects security label on a product or packaging marked with special phosphors with afterglow proterties that are very difficult for third parties to copy. Read more

LED Phosphors

for low cost and energy saving lighting.

No rare-earth materials!, No toxic materials!, No supply risks! We provide environmentally sustainable special LED phosphors for general lighting and display applications. Read more

Our Innovative Technology

We use novel and environmetal friendly approaches to produce special phosphors based on organic optically activated ceramics for white LED lighting and anti-counterfeiting applications. In the field of e-health mobile sensing, our focus is on optical detection of glucose for diabetes management  on a mobile phone platform using the Smartphone's flash light and our uniquely designed phosphor for optical signal transduction.

The Values of LehMoSense to you and your Business

Solution for LED Lighing Manufacturers :

LehMoSense seeks to eliminate worries about environmental risks  and the supply risks of your LED phosphors by offering easily available, efficient and sustainable rare-earth free special phosphors.

Phosphor coated and uncoated LED chips. Producers of white LEDs are depending on critical rare-earth phosphors from China. 
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Solution for Product Manufacturers and Consumers:

LehMoSense seeks to eliminate worries and dangers posed by counterfeit/fake consumer goods in the textiles, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries by offering special rare-earth free afterglow phosphors to protect your products and consumers. These phosphors act as product fingerprints and can be incorporated directly in the product or used as security marks in the packaging label which can be detected simply by a flash of a mobile phone for product authentication during the supply chain and by the end-user. 

Consumer disappointed by the quality of a product purchased  online

Solution for Diabetes Management:

LehMoSense seeks to eliminate your daily pain from finger pricking during blood glucose monitoring by offering non-invasive glucose sensor on a Smartphone. 

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Monitoring blood glucose levels on a Smartphone

This channel is coming soon!